Manas Roy

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Manas Roy

Born in 1954 in Kolkata, Dr Manas Roy is a Dutch artist of Indian Origin. He has been creating visual art under the signature of Roymans in Europe, Far East and Indian Sub-continent for the last two decades. The human phenomenon is Roymanas’ central theme. The task of the artist is to present those things, to make visible the painted canvas that is inside each one of us. He is a unique combination of Engineer & Visual artist, holding PhD. in Engineering and M. F. A. (Fine Arts) from U. S. A. His art trainings of over 22 years include training in Indian Fine Arts from Indian Masters, Impressionist art form from Paris & Le Mans, Mediterranean art and sculptures from Milan and finally in Chinese brush works from South China Master Painter Kwan Su Yang.

At the age of 18, before migrating to Europe, he already received the Indian National Award from Rastriya Lalit Kala Academy of India in Indian Contemporary Painting. Intense travel in three continents made his work beyond the demographical or cultural boundaries fusing one into another as a free flow form yet keeping its root intact.

  • Master of Fine Arts (Painting)- Rochville, U.S.A.
  • Ph.D. in Engineering- Univ.of London, U.K.
  • Ph.D. in Marketing Management- Stamford College- U.S.A.
Easel Stories Recommends
The first thing that strikes you about Manas Roy’s work is the diversity in subjects, styles and palette. He is a master of portraying diverse reactions to diverse situations. Roy’s Easel Stories are all about the unique ‘human’ phenomenon- showcasing the canvas of thoughts inside.
Shows & exhibitions
  • 1972- Academy of Fine Art, New Delhi- Group
  • 1998- Florence, Italy- Southern Group Exhibition
  • 2000- Taipei National Museum, Taiwan- Group & Auction
  • 2001- Edward Gallery, Hong Kong- Solo
  • 2002- Deutschlandsberg, Austria- Solo
  • 2005- Gallery Van Arts, the Netherlands- Group
  • 2006- Academy of Fine Arts- International Invitee
  • 2007- AVISKAR- Birla Academy - Kolkata, India- Solo
  • 2007- Amsterdam, the Netherlands- Group
  • 2007- Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata- SOLO
  • 2008- “Art Spectrum” Sponsored by Birla Academy 2008- Group
  • 2008- Exotic- Partha Pratim Deb & Manas Roy- Duet
  • 2008- Darda National Gallery, India- Group
  • 2008- Academy of Fine Arts- Group
  • 2009- Sound of Art- Copenhagen-International Group Show
  • 2009- Halo Heritage- Colours- Group
  • 2010- Gallery Chemould Annual- Group
  • 2010- Lalit Kala Academy, Orissa- Group
  • 2010- AVISKAR- East Meets West – International Exhibition
  • 2010- Shlok- Darda Gallery, Nagpur- Group
  • 2010- Shlok- Lokmat Gallery- Aurangabad- Group
  • 2010- Conversation- Orissa Lalit Kala Group- Birla Academy Hall.- Group
  • 2010- Sukannya Sparsh- Rotary International Exhibition- Birla Academy
  • 2010- AVISKAR- Birla Academy- India- International Group
  • 2010- World of Art- Berlin- Group Exhibition
  • 2010- AVISKAR- Oxmarket Gallery- Sussex, U.K.- International Group
  • 2011- AVISKAR- Birla Academy- International Group- India
  • 2011- Art Yatra- Mumbai- Group
  • 2011- Gallery Gold- Opening Show- India-Group
  • 2011- Sea of Art- Holland- Group
2011- Artist for Freedom- Germany

  • 2011- European Open Art Fair- Utrecht- 2011- Art Biennale- Turkey-
  • 2011- Stride- West Sussex- U,K, - Group show

  • 2011- ART Yatra- Mumbai- Group Show
  • 2012- AVISKAR- 7th Annual Show – Kolkata- Scheduled in January, 2012
  • 2012- State Musuem of Oriental Art, Moscow- Museum show (May, 2012)
  • 2012- ICCR- retrospective SOLO